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There are two goals with Metrick. First, to make fresh and elegant wines that represent their vineyard origins. Second, to test techniques and theories on how to best craft wines so that they most accurately represent their vineyards. It's a very personal exploration for me. 

In addition to winemaking, I write for various wine publications about wine science and the nature of terroir. Previously I owned Alexander Jules, a Spanish wine import company focused on rare grapes and label of barrel selected sherries.  Being interested in rare grapes, I crossbreed new varieties, though

though they're still a few years away from their first fruit.

Vineyards are selected with the hope they will lead to the type of wine I want to make: high toned, "mineral" whites and earthier, herbal reds; both with good acid. The vineyards usually have marked coastal influence.

Cellar practices aim to encourage the grapes to best their express terroir, and to encourage stability and longevity. Specific approaches to this always change, and there is no formula. First and foremost this means crafting clean wines, free of defects which could otherwise eclipse vineyard and grape character. As of 2019 the only additive used is (a low dose of) SO2. Acid is only added on the rare occasion that a wine's acidity is too low to be microbially stable. Starting in 2019 all fermentations are spontaneous (prior to that I was in shared facilities, and felt it safest to inoculate with neutral cultured yeasts to avoid problems). The wines are aged either in neutral oak, concrete or stainless.  


I hope you enjoy the wines as much as I enjoyed making them, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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